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    We build amazing software. Software that saves you time and energy, instead of causing you headaches and draining your budget. Our computer scientists are here to help solve your gnarly IT problems. Talk to us about your legacy system, security concerns, or custom application needs.

    Time to bring your legacy software into the future?

    From A to Z, we can help with architecture evaluations, performance troubleshooting, and scalability needs.

    Upgrading and enhancing legacy software is our forte.

    Having application performance problems?

    Our team of experts uses a scientific approach to hone in on bottlenecks and memory leaks, and then address the root causes.

    Are security threats giving you nightmares?

    With decades of experience in IT security, XorFox scientists is well-equipped to tackle security issues, including those related to HIPAA compliance.

    We provide both preventive and remedial IT security services.

    Thinking about containers?

    Everyone's talking about containerization these days, and for good reason. Using containers, our DevOps specialists can help transform your development environment into a smooth-functioning application delivery system.

  • FAQ

    Q: Our system is old, do we need to build a new one from scratch?

    A: Our computer scientists collect data and define results before recommending the right solution for your users and clients. We specialize in updating and enhancing legacy Java software, and we're not interested in trying to persuade people to buy fancy systems that don't meet their needs. Our goal is first and foremost to solve your business problems efficiently and elegantly.

    Q: We need help updating our application but we can’t afford any downtime. Help!

    A: XorFox has your back. We know our clients can't afford to take a break from doing business. Using Agile methodology and a phased approach, we keep your mission-critical system operational while replacing it, piece by piece.

    Q: What can you do to help us maximize the value of our data?

    A: As computer scientists, we use a variety of tools to pick out patterns in your data the human eye can easily miss. Save time and money by letting us implement automation tools that will help your employees work faster and more efficiently.

    Q: There are so many IT service contractors out there...why XorFox?

    A: Our technology solutions are always user-friendly, scalable, and secure. XorFox brings together a group of seasoned computer scientists with over 70 years of experience designing and implementing software, mostly in bleeding-edge startups. We know software from the inside-out.

    Our strength lies in designing solutions, and the best solutions come from thorough understandings of the problems at hand. Transparent and consistent communication is key to our development process. That’s why we say we speak “human”: good technology comes from understanding human needs. Superb technology comes from XorFox.


    The Story Behind the XorFox Name

    The exclusive or (XOR) is a logical operation used in computer architectures, cryptography, block ciphers, and related operations. We wanted our company identity to reference our grounding in computer science, and that is why our name starts with XOR and why our business cards feature the XOR truth table on them. As for FOX...well, it sounded like a great way to round out the word.

    Software Developers or Computer Scientists?

    Even though we spend a lot of our time developing software, we call ourselves 'computer scientists' because most people on our team have a CS degree, and all of us are firmly grounded in the scientific method: observe, test the observation, then draw conclusions. We have plenty of expertise but we don't act like experts; we act like scientists.


    Our company culture supports continued curiosity and exploration of emerging technologies. In addition to providing development services, our scientists are on the bleeding edge of R&D, working with machine learning, functional data analysis, object-tracking systems, computer vision, and robotics.

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