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Got Clutter? Using Software Development to Streamline Business Processes

Software is supposed to make your life easier by automating tasks, improving accuracy, reducing paperwork, and generally saving you time and energy. Whether we’re developing software or updating legacy software, there is ample opportunity to smooth out and revise business processes for greater efficiency and clarity.

Before we start churning out lines of code, we need to develop a clear understanding of how a business actually works, not how it’s supposed to work or how it works for other competitors in the industry. This is not always an easy task: the longer a company has been around, the more complicated its processes tend to be.

We don’t just develop software at XorFox, we also speak human. Before the technical work is begun, we sit down with our clients to map out what they do and how they do it. Sometimes this leads to a conversation about how business processes can be streamlined and improved, without sacrificing results.

With one client, that conversation allowed us to map out their current business process:

and suggest a few improvements to make things run more smoothly, using the new software we created for them:

Our software works best when it’s free from unnecessary complexity and technical fluff. Our development process is focused on meeting actual business needs, and sometimes that means we’ll need to draw up a workflow we can then revise to increase efficiency and enhance productivity.

If your business processes are looking like the “before” diagram, consider how a team of computer scientists can help you move into the future!

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